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April 4, 2008

Grey and Rainy

April 4th
Just for fun since I’ve heard there can be a lot of grey days I’m going to start a little weather heading and my current mood.

Weather: Gray, looks like more rain. Bleh! I usually feel lazy on dreary days. The sunshine always makes me feel energized.

I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable in my surroundings and the area around in which we live. I navigated by myself (well with Keenan of course) to a coffee house to meet up with another American for coffee/lunch. Getting used to the street signs and names of places have been hard for me… ha ha ha everything is well, so foreign! So far I’ve been extremely lucky. My neighbor has been a God send, she has been in Kyiv for about a year and she has been very helpful. When ever I have questions, which is all the time and about everything, I go to her. Today, I really need to do some grocery shopping. I can take my chances and find a close by market and try out my extremely limited Russian or I can take the easy way out and go to the commissary at the embassy. Hmmm… we’ll see how I feel when Keenan wakes up from his nap. He had a fairly decent night sleeping. He woke up twice but went right back to sleep. We just received a few packages that we sent to ourselves here before we the states. So yeah, we have more toys for Keenan to play with plus his little jumper, which he loves. Hopefully we’ll get our Internet at the apartment set up soon. Right now I can either go to the embassy or go over to my neighbors to get online, which is why I’m posting all my blogs for the last week at once.


Fav'rite Aunty said...

by god, this blog is PINK! It's SO great to be able to connect with you so easily. This is the adventure of a lifetime, and for Keenan, it's a life-changing event. He'll make networking connections that won't be fully appreciated for years. xxxooo

Jami said...

Yeah! Your back, I've been watching every day for your newest post to see what you were up to, but figured just trying to get settled would keep you pretty busy.

Christy said...

Sounds like you guys are having quite a time! The picture to you living your is so pretty and what a great view. When os your phone going to be up and what is your number? We miss you! How is the bedae? Looks like a great place for Keenan to play!

Laura Olson said...

So glad that you are learning the neighborhood and that you have a nice neighbor to help you out! And, glad that Keenan is over the jet lag. :)