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January 21, 2011

Söll, Austria

We decided to take a wintery vacation this year and get more use out of our snowboards, after all we're not sure where our next post is and if there will even be snow there!  The "wintery" vacation sounded good but the weather didn't really cooperate... I'm not sure when the last snow even fell.  There were a lot of bare spots on the mountain but in all fairness I've snowboarded in much much worse.  The weather was warm so the runs were soft, not icy.

We went to Söll, Austria which is a part of SkiWelt a large interconnected ski area.  There are many villages connected by the runs.  I picked Söll because it was one of the only ski villages that offered daycare to babies 6 months and above (most were 1 year and older).

The daycare worked out great, it was located at the first gondola.  Our original plan was for Van to go to daycare, Keenan to do ski lessons and us to snowboard all day but after one introductory lesson Keenan said he'd rather just play and be with us.  We didn't want to push him too hard with the skiing so Keenan went to daycare in the morning while we snowboarded then we'd pick him up at noon for lunch then take him sledding all afternoon.

The SkiWelt Panorama

Yeah, a picture of Eric and I!  It seems one of us is usually behind the camera.
Check out all the bare mountain behind Eric
Keenan getting all bundled up.

Keenan LOVED the gondola rides, he was insistent on taking the red ones which took us to the very top of the mountain which gave us the view below.

Just showing more bare ground right under the lift.

 We're not exactly sure why there were witches, such as the one above, everywhere...

 The weather was beautiful and everyday we saw 3-5 hot air balloons.
A view of the town of Soll taken from the lift.

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mom said...

Looks fantastic. Keenan is so brave. I have never been skiing.
Love, Louise