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May 26, 2008

FIVE teeth!

This weekend was Kyiv Days which is celebrated as Kyiv's birthday. We got out and walked around a little bit to see the festivities but the weather was not cooperative! It has been grey and rainy! Hmmm... I seem to write about the grey, rainy weather often... There were concerts, motorcycle event, lots of vendors...tons of people... you get the idea. We followed the crowd and ended up at the top a scenic lookout over the river. I forgot our camera. :( We mostly stayed in due to the weather. Something about having to walk everywhere...in the rain... with a baby...

The other night Keenan kept waking up and then he would cry and cry. We didn't know what what going on, he's been sleeping great since we got here... baby nightmares? Boogie man? The next morning I noticed that FIVE teeth were trying to poke through! Ohhh... fooled us, he wasn't even rubbing his gums. Poor kid!

Keenan hasn't been very appreciative in my attempts to make his babyfood. Maybe my cooking is very good?! As a matter of fact he's started to get down right picky with everything! Now when he doesn't like what's in his mouth he opens his mouth and scrapes the offending food off his tongue with his hands. Sierra is always close by!

Just another picture of my little man. His pants are wet from playing in the dog water. We finally had to rig the bidets so Keenan can't turn the water on... he figured how much fun it was to turn the water on, then put his hand up close to the faucet and spray water everywhere!


Linda Anne aka Old Queen, Wicked Stepmother, & Fav'rite Aunty said...

oh jesse he's so blasted cute! poor little tyke -- 5 teeth! he sounds like a good little adventuresome pesky boy! hurray! you don't want a little sissy that sits quietly not making a mess ... well, occasionally that might sound inviting! sounds like you're doing well over there. being on foot is a hell of an adjustment, not to mention a damned nuisance. think how good it is for you! ha! xxxooo

Christy said...

What a cutie patootie and it makes me feel better that he is getting pickier about what he eats Cade was always such a picky little brat, he is getting much better though.

Wynne Jennine said...

I love the bidet spray bit! What an ingenious little feller!
Speaking of wet, rainy weather...it seems this will be our theme song the rest of this week also!

Jami said...

He's getting so big and cute! I like the scraping off the offending food part. Carter would just spit it right back out then want you to wash her mouth with a wash cloth!