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June 1, 2008

Finally feels more like home

Friday night our stuff FINALLY arrived. Granted I know, they told us it could take up to three months (we've been here 2) but, I haven't seen it since the end of July. We packed up in Colorado when Keenan was three weeks old. I was exhausted during the packing and Keenan just wanted to be held or eat or needing changing... Our packers pretty much opened up drawers (sometimes from multiple rooms) and dumped the contents into boxes, added a little bit of packing paper, labeled the box with random thoughts and called it gravy. On the other hand they did save us a lot of work packing...

So needless to say I was very excited to see our stuff! It really was like christmas. I finally have more than a couple pairs of shoes again. Keenan was having a lot of fun climbing on the boxes, digging through the wrapping paper... being lots of uhmmm help.

Here's a picture of our mess and Keenan in the middle of it.

One of the neighbor boys came over to "play" with Keenan... he usually comes over with the pretext of "playing" with Keenan but really wants to play the Playstation with Eric. Anyway the neighbor boy was supposed to be watching Keenan, Eric was supposed to be unpacking yet here they are playing Playstation while I'm running after Keenan and unpacking... Hey... no fair! I got the raw end of that deal.

Having our stuff makes our apartment feel much more like home. Its so nice to have our nice comfy couch again not to mention having all my baking dishes again. I was using one 8 x 8 pan for all the baking. It's also nice to have wine glasses again. Yes, we could have bought more but we hated the idea of buying more when we had a bunch coming to us.

As we were unpacking we were amazed at all the stuff that we should have gotten rid of a long time ago. We got rid of quite a few things. As we were packing all of it out to the trash the deshyornia's (the ladies at the front doors of the apartment buildings...bad spelling I know) were busy digging through to see what treasures they could find. So we tried separating the actual trash and the still usable stuff to make it a little easier for the taking.
Our apartment is still a mess but it's come a long way.


Wynne Jennine said...

Awesome on having your stuff again! You should have just joined the boys playing! It looked like Keenan was helping out?

Laura Olson said...

Yay for getting all your stuff! It's hard to go that long without all your kitchen things, especially. :) Now you can start cooking some elaborate Ukrainian meals.

mom said...

Great on getting your stuff. Now it is more comfortable for you, even if Eric and Keenan are not helping. Keenan is so cute and getting so big. Love Louise

Christy said...

Keenan is obviously a super big helper bee. That is like one big Christmas for you guys it has been a long time since you have seen all that stuff!

Corinne said...

It looks about par for unpacking! How fun to see your things again though! Keenan looks like he really wants to help you even if Eric and the neighbor boy weren't. Hope you got everything where you wanted it!