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June 12, 2008

No naps makes for one tired little boy

Last Saturday I loaded Keenan up in the stroller and headed to playgroup. I left a little bit early in the hopes that Keenan would take his morning nap on the way there then I could stop off at the park to read while he finished sleeping. He usually sleeps nicely in the the stroller...usually is the key word. Keenan of course wasn't interested in napping so when arrived at playgroup he started off looking pretty sleepy. Then more and more kids started showing up, that perked Keenan right up! We managed to get all the kids to stay some-what still for a quick photo opp.

Watching all the kids run around and play was pretty entertaining. Keenan was standing above a little girl who was about his same age, it looked like he was going to kiss her on the nose but ended up licking it instead. As soon as he started to go for her nose I tried to grab him as he usually tries to bite mine but luckily he didn't bite her. Afterwards Eric met us at a nearby park for lunch but we ended up going to Kreshatic street (lots of shops and restaurants... good people watching) and ran into one of my friends from the IWCK (International Womens Club of Kyiv) so we had lunch with her. Keenan briefly fell asleep in the stroller while we were walking but soon as lunch came he was wide awake...gee no surprise there! Keenan missed both of his naps... argh! He was one grumpy boy when we got home that afternoon, all he wanted was Mom or Dad to hold him.

I am constantly amazed at the height of the women's shoes here, how the heck do they walk around on them all day long. Here's good Ol' Mickey D's... with an advertisement for beer at the top.

I'm trying to get more pictures of Keenan and me. Here we are in front of the Maidan square also called Independence Square which I believe is where Paul McCartney is doing a free concert this Saturday night. I walk by this old run down building frequently during my walks and often wonder about its history. If only the walls could talk... Notice there are trees growing on top.


Laura Olson said...

Wow - that's a huge playgroup! Are you guys going to the Paul McCartney concert on Sat.?

Corinne said...

Wowza the shoes!! I am assuming the lady didn't know you were snapping a pic when you took that...good job.

Deb said...

Go to the Paul McCartney concert!!!! I would if I was there. Mom

Wynne Jennine said...

I love the shoes, just wouldn't be able to wear them for long! Paul McCartney - yeah - GO!