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June 6, 2008

Still unpacking

In the back of our living room we have a some baby gates blocking the elliptical and the rock band (for PS3) equipment... as you can see Keenan found a way in. Because of the blog I had to get a picture or two.
Here's an after bath picture of Keenan with his lion towel on.
I've spent most of the week trying to finish putting stuff away in between going to baby group, getting the paperwork for our car done, grocery shopping (not easy when you have to walk and only buy what you can carry)...

I'm not sure if it's the city or that I just never noticed before but, there is always a layer of dust on everything. I feel like I dust everyday!

We finally got word that our car was on its way to Kyiv Yeah!! Then they sent an email with pictures... it was damaged! Booo! It looks like a big bar fell on the hood. Its still drivable just looks a little ghetto. Hopefully somebody other than us will pay to have it fixed!

Went to the open market yesterday and shoved the stroller through the crowd. The walk ways between the booths are pretty narrow but we were able to navigate around and get what we needed, it was just a little slow going at times.


Christy said...

Keenan looks like he is serious about the rockstar stuff. He sure is a cutie!

mom said...

Hope someone pays to get the car fixed. What a bummer. Oh well at least you can buy what you need and not have to carry it home. Love, Louise