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June 25, 2008

Yeah! Refrigerated milk!

Since we FINALLY have our car, a little damaged but not too bad, we are finally able to do our major grocery shopping when we want to. Before we had to wait until one of our neighbors went. We also found a new store that is sort of like a wal-mart, it's huge and seems to have almost everything plus groceries! We were pretty excited...hey, it's the little things! The grocery side of it actually had milk in the refrigerated section! Wow! We've been here 3 months and have only seen boxed milk on the shelf. We must have been in shock because we didn't even get any. Not only that but the eggs were in the refrigerated section too! That's unheard of here! Happy day!

Then we found a HUGE and I mean HUGE outdoor (well under big tents) market place that seemed to go on forever! Lots of carpets, shoes, clothes, toys... shoes! Now if I can only remember how to get back there! We were on the "left bank" part of the city, which is actually kind of deceiving because on the map its actually on the right but anyways its the newer part of town. Lots of new building going up all over the place. I would have taken pictures but the driving here is a little bit crazy, I was trying to breathe and just hang on.

We then went to a park on an island in the middle of the Dnipro called Hydropark that had carnival rides and beaches. The beaches had lots of guys wearing speedo's and thongs. Not a pretty site. I'll keep those images to myself.

I thought by living over here we would escape all the presidential ads but... NO
Here Keenan is chasing my friend's dog Boo. He chased Boo all over her house. We are working on being "gentle" but he just gets too excited and has to slap and hit! Poor Boo, he really wasn't too impressed with Keenan after a while. Keenan always has to look under everything just on the chance there is something good to be found.The kid loves Peek-a-boo!


Linda Anne aka Old Queen, Wicked Stepmother, & Fav'rite Aunty said...

he's a darling!

refrigerated milk -- now that's a luxury I would have traded my eye teeth for while I was in Tatarstan!

Laura Olson said...

That smile just kills me. I love how the dog looks like it's about to lose it.

Corinne said...

I never would have guessed that milk and eggs came any other way but refreigerated!! Kinda scary! I love the float like a butterfly, sting like a bee shirt Keenan has on.

Jami said...

Keenan is getting so big and cute! Aunty Jami wishes he could come play--Cousin Carter could teach him all about stripping and digging up worms! Yay for good milk. I can't even imagine. We must go through 3 gallons a week here.

Wynne Jennine said...

I am pretty amazed the little dog was as nice as he was for as long as he was!

Deb said...

In all these pictures that I see of your apartment I am amazed at how clean your floors look. I don't ever remember you bedroom floor looking like that. I am amazed and impressed with a dog and an active toddler! Mom
PS Keenan is soooooooo cute!

Christy said...

It is the little things in life that make big differences... like refrigerated milk and eggs. Keenan is getting so big. This is such a fun age too, everything is interesting and has to be checked out. Cade is really hitting the terrible twos and temper tantrums, but he can still be so sweet!