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July 14, 2008

Crowded Beach

Sunday we took the metro to Hedro Park, an Island in the Dnipro River. This was my first experience on the Metro. I have never taken it since it's either a far hike in one direction (far if your lugging Keenan around that is) or a bus ride in the wrong direction to get to the nearest stations.

We got to the beach in the middle of the afternoon and it was packed! Notice the healthy reddish brown hue of the water. We did not get in the... we've heard it's not the cleanest.

We first walked around a little to check it all out. We found sand soccer fields, a basketball court and an outdoor weight lifting area that is made from old railroad materials (?). I guess this is Kyiv's version of Venice Beach...complete with of course speedo's.

We finally found a but of shade under an umbrella and enjoyed a beer. It was another hot day out. We saw way WAY too many speedos and thong bikinis on people who should have been wearing a whole lot more. We also saw a few people, both men and women, just in their underwear and bras. I guess a bathing suit doesn't really cover any more...

Our view from where we enjoyed our beer looked over the river towards the Iron Maiden. I just wanted to show how high she towers into the skyline.We were better prepared this time. We took a backpack cooler full of snacks to munch on.

The metro station that we used was right by the Golden Gate (what used to be the entrance to the city and is now restored). Here's Keenan trying to push the doors open.

Keenan likes to hang from anything that he can hold on to. He's getting pretty strong.

Here's a statue in front of the Golden Gate. Soon as Keenan felt the statue he kept saying "hot hot hot"


Wynne Jennine said...

It is pretty darn scary what some people consider appropriate to wear in public, but then again maybe you have to give them credit for being comfortable with themselves...

Corinne said...

Keenan looks so small next to the big doors! Love the hanging one!