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July 2, 2008

Iron Maiden

This weekend Eric and I got a sitter and headed out to explore a little bit of the city by ourselves. We were trying to find a place to park close to a pedestrian bridge but in the process found a pretty park and what we think is a children's theater. I thought this fountain was neat. We walked around the park for a while. There were tours of a water treatment plant... we think.
We did find the pedestrian bridge and walked across it to one of the islands in the Dnipro river. It wasn't the island we were hoping for but walked around a bit just the same and ate lunch by the river. This was our view from our table.

Next we decided to see the Iron Maiden, protector of the Motherland, getting there was a little tricky. We first drove by it and ended up on the highway out of town that seemed to have no exits to get off on to turn around. Eric has a way better sense of direction that I do (I seem to have none) and managed to end up right at our destination with up close parking. She's huge! She sets up high on a hilltop where you can see her in certain parts of the city looming up in the sky.
There is a museum underneath her but it was closed on the day we went. The Iron Maiden sits on top of Memorial Complex which has other statues, tanks, planes... other World War II related stuff. It was pretty neat and had a great view overlooking part of the city.


Linda Anne aka Old Queen, Wicked Stepmother, & Fav'rite Aunty said...

this is SO great, Jessi. I really like all your comments and observations -- you're very good at it (actually, ALL you girls are very good at it -- the only conclusion to draw is that you ALL take after your FAV'RITE Aunty, of course). Great HUGE piles of history (and most of it oppressive and ghastly as far as numbers of Russian civilians sacrificed for "the cause" ...
sadly, you also inherited my total lack of a sense of direction unless I'm on my own home turf. dick on the other hand could be dropped down blindfolded in the dark, spun around 17 times, sprayed with mace, and go straight as a string to due north. sigh. men.

Laura Olson said...

wow - great pics! The Iron Maiden is crazy. I love the first photo of the fountain. So pretty. Glad you guys got some "couple" time. :)

Wynne Jennine said...

I've said it before Jess and I'll say it again...you are WAY more adventurous than I am! Looks like a lot of interesting neat stuff though, what an opportunity!

Corinne said...

How fun!! I love the last pic of you tucked in the huge statue of the guys. It was good to hear from you this AM, well, PM for you! Hope the driving experience wasn't too scary. Did you test out the Ukranian driving technique and take to the sidewalk?

Jami said...

Interesting pictures. Kyiv looks like such an interesting city and how lucky that you guys have lots of time to explore.