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August 19, 2008

Conversing in two different languages

The other night while Keenan and I were outside with Sierra, one of the Deshornias, Luda, started making a big fuss over Keenan. Pretty soon she was carrying Keenan around showing him all the flowers and leaves and letting him ring the doorbells. Keenan was having fun and so was she. She would point as Sierra as say "cabaka... hoff hoff". It took me a second to realize that "hoff" was her version of a dog sound. I then pointed back at Sierra and said "dog... woof woof ". Luda looked at me kind of funny "hoff hoff... cabaka". To which I had to reply "dog, woof woof". We both started laughing.

Luda then started pointed out different things to Keenan. I hear "machina, be be...be be" What is "be be" I think to myself, then it dawns on me and I say "car, beep beep" Both Luda and I started laughing once again. A little bit later I welcomed a nice cool breeze as it's been so hot and muggy lately. Luda on the other hand responds to the breeze by tucking Keenan's shirt into his short and pulling them clear up to his armpits. I just mentally shake my head. She gestures as she explains to me that the wind will go up his shirt and cause a chill... at least that's how I interpreted it. Whatever I guess... she means well. Later as I'm recounting her trying to save Keenan's belly from the breeze, it's not like he was hanging out, I couldn't help but wander what superstitions of ours that the Ukrainians find absolutely silly. We both said a lot more that night but those few phrases above were about the only thing we understood what the other was saying. I went back to my apartment feeling like I'd had a great conversation though.


Corinne said...

That is fun...what is Luda? Sounds like they are mostly friendly people!

Jessica said...

Luda is the deshornia's name. :)

Christy said...

That is a fun people interaction. Sounds like Keenan is a little charmer!

mom said...

He will be speaking their language before you know it.