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August 18, 2008

Our weekend

We had a hot and busy weekend! This past week has been so hot outside that I've been trying to take Keenan to the park in the morning when it's not as bad out. This weekend wasn't much different but, since Eric didn't have to work we braved the heat. On Saturday we waited until the afternoon to go down to Maiden to walk around. We finally got a good picture of the three of us! Yeah! We asked, by asked I mean by using gestures with our hands and camera, a lady who happened to be standing by the fountain. She kept wanting to take more and more pictures but at least we got a few that we liked!

After walking around for just a little while we decided it was much too hot. We found a nice place in the shade to sit down and have dinner. Bonus: they had an English menu!

Keenan did pretty good in the restaurant which was good since he usually likes to run around and check everybody out.

Keenan really wanted to get at Eric's toothpick
Afterward we headed over to an ice cream stand. There was only two flavors to choose from, lemon or chocolate. We got one of each, it didn't take long for Keenan to be covered in it!

On Sunday we headed out early to Blue lake just outside of town. The day started out cool and cloudy but that didn't slow Keenan down any. We had a hard time trying to get him out of the water. Eventually the sun came out and it got nice and hot out.

We watched a man take his young son (probably about 2 years old) down to the edge of the water to take a pee. Really?! He couldn't have led him over to the bushes? I realize its lake water and a lot of people probably pee in it but still... really?

One of Keenan's new favorite games?? "Where's your tummy?"

We left the lake around noon, it was starting to get way too hot and crowded. Keenan was exhausted, he fell asleep almost as soon as our car hit the road. Then we headed out to one of the schools where a bunch of people were playing softball. Eric played softball while Keenan and I checked out the playground.


Deb said...

Great pictures of everybody!

Laura Olson said...

That is a great pic of you three! Sounds like a fun weekend.

Corinne said...

Going to a lake sounds great right now! Except the peeing in it part! How do you guys always come up with new and fun things to do every weekend? You must have a visitors map or something right?