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September 23, 2008

A little behind...

I'm a little bit behing on my postings. I've taken a ton of pictures while I've been back in Montana. We've been busy trying to visit with everybody, spend lots of time with all Keenan's cousins, and trying to complete a rather large shopping list while we're here.

Keenan really likes to take off streaking as soon as I pull his diaper off. Here he really wanted to put grampa's boots on and thought it was pretty funny. Hopefully Keenan didn't leave any little puddles behind in the boots.
Keenan wasn't too sure what to think of his youngest cousin Chase. He really wanted to poke him and steal his binky. Chase is soo little! It seems so hard to believe that Keenan was that size just over a year ago!

Here's Keenan with his older cousin Carter (she gave herself a haircut). We went to her house the next day and while Keenan had fun playing with all of Carter's toys it was a little traumatic on her. Just as fast as Keenan could grab a toy Carter was trying to chase him down saying "that's my toy!". After awhile Keenan got pretty good and grabbing a toy and running away with it.

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