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September 26, 2008

Rocking horses, tractors and Wranglers

When Keenan and I arrived from the airport we were both pretty worn out but soon as he saw all the new toys he perked up... what's better then new (to you) toys??

Since we arrived Keenan has been loving the little rocking horse. It's supposed to sing and play music but I think that feature died thanks to his older two cousins, Carter and Cade who also loved it.
My dad has been busy seeding wheat so when I brought him a sack dinner he offered a tractor ride. We all crammed into the tractor and since I seem to always have my camera handy, for the blog...
It's been a rough adjustment for Keenan, in addition to a 9 hour time change, no Dad and everything different... it's just been tough. Keenan has been pretty clingy to me and it's taken him awhile to readjust to Gramma and Grampa. Here... not quite adjusted yet. Here's Keenan looking like a lil' farmer in his wrangler's and "John Deere" hat.

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