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October 24, 2008

Back in Kyiv...back to Russian...

I really enjoyed being back in the states, knowing what I was ordering...exactly; not just something with chicken in it. I had forgotten just how hard it can be living in a country where one doesn't speak the language. The first week that Keenan and I were back we mostly just stayed home as we tried to get over the jet lag. Then I was introduced to grocery shopping the fabulous way... have your Russian/Ukrainian/English speaking babysitter phone the grocery order in and a few hours later they deliver for a very small charge (about $4 USD). Yeah! Quite fabulous!

Last weekend as I snuck out of the house Eric had one simple request, to bring home sandwiches from "Mr. Snack". Not a problem right? Wrong, there I stood in front of the counter trying to figure out what to order and more specifically what it was I was ordering. They grill their sandwiches and they are pretty tasty. After a lot of staring at the menu trying to decipher the contents of each sandwich I gave up. I ended up ordering ready made sandwiches that I could just see mostly what they contained, they already had lettuce and tomatoes on them so I didn't think they would end up grilled. Wrong! I ended up with grilled soggy wilted lettuce sandwiches. They still tasted fine though. Just a day in the life of an English speaker in a Russian speaking world.

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Laura Olson said...

The restaurant is called Mr. Snack? How awesome is that?