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October 6, 2008

Zoo Montana

A while ago a bunch of us went to the zoo in Billings. The animals enclosures are pretty large so it takes a bit of walking from one animal to the next. Overall it was a beautiful day. I borrowed a stroller from my sister Christy, she had to work so her kids went with their babysitter Landa, but of course Keenan didn't want to ride in it. Keenan was busy trying to keep up with Cade who was busy running after Landa's daughter Riley who just wanted to see the tigers! The tigers was the one exhibit that we missed. Sorry Riley, maybe next time. Keenan, Cade and Riley looking at ducks... maybe chickens. I don't remember what all was in that one.
Keenan saying "hi" to the big horse. The horse even leaned over to give Keenan a little cuddle which made him squeal with delight.
Everett spent most of his time at the zoo either sleeping or eating. Life is rough!
Keenan checking Avery out.

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