Our Travels

November 17, 2008


A few weeks ago Eric and I thought it would be fun to go bowling. Eric called up a few of his friends to meets us there, unfortunately we didn't have a babysitter because it was a last minute thing. The guys all assured me that everyone could take turns running after Keenan... uh huh right. That all lasted about 2 minutes. The place we went had a movie theater, a bowling alley, a bar, a restaurant and couple of play areas for kids. When we first got there I noticed a really nice big play area for the kids right next to the bowling alley and after a few minutes of me not understanding or speaking enough Russian one of Eric's friends came over to translate. Apparently the kids have to be at least 2 years old to drop off otherwise you had to stay in there with them. Uhm... doesn't that defeat the purpose of a play area? After one game of bowling and running after Keenan I decided the play area would just be much more enjoyable for both of us. We left the guys to bowling and played.

We went bowling again yesterday and this time took our babysitter so that she could play with Keenan in the play area. We thought it would be fun for Keenan to get out of the house and play with new toys while we got to bowl. Keenan definitely had fun, it was hard to pry him away from the play area when it was time to go. Ukraine might be behind on a few things but they do have it right when it comes to the play areas. There are drop off play areas for kids at the grocery store, the mall, movie theater/ bowling area and even a couple restaurants.


Christy said...

Hooray for play areas.

Wynne Jennine said...

Sounds like bowling has been quite popular!

mom said...

Play areas are a good idea. We need more of them here. Love, Louise