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November 1, 2008

My little man

I can't believe how much I love my little man! My parents always told me that I wouldn't know how much they loved me until I had my own child. I am very blessed.

The other day Keenan was testing his limits on everything. I was beginning to wonder why I ever wanted to be a Mama and if I'd have any takers if I put a "for sale" sign on Keenan. Frustrated, I was on my hands and knees cleaning up what felt like the hundredth mess of the morning when Keenan came over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. Then he looked at me with a big smile and just said "mama!" My heart melted. Yes, I do love being a Mama and I think I'll keep him.

Keenan continues to have an obsession with the light switches. He turns them on and off constantly. He seems to prefer turning them off, leaving you unable to see what your doing... mostly when I'm trying to cook at night or shower. Here he's using my hand weights to help give him an inch or two.
When in Rome... I know I always complain about the old ladies on the streets trying to cover Keenan up and telling me that he needs a hat, or a thicker jacket. Well I did succumb to one thing. All the little kids wear tights in the winter, even the boys. They make boyish tights complete with airplanes or trucks on them. It's actually a pretty good idea since whenever I pick up Keenan he's pant legs do ride up to his knees. (p.s. he only wears them when its cold outside) Here he's sporting his tights and a hat that my dad gave him when we were in Montana. Keenan's sitting near our oven, which is too small to fit a lot of my baking dishes (we call it the "easy bake" oven) holding up his hand and saying "HOT, HOT".
I've been trying to encourage Keenan to use his spoon more. As every Mom knows this is a messy ordeal. We've been practicing with applesauce mostly since it's the least offending food to try and clean up and doesn't stain. He usually ditches the spoon and opts for the slurping method.


mom said...

Love his tights. They are a good idea.Keep his little legs warm. Love Louise

Wynne Jennine said...

No way to judge love until you have your own flesh and blood!

Deb said...

He made a very cute little dragon. Mom