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March 26, 2009

Krakow, Poland

Where is the cheapest place to fly out of country from Kyiv, Ukraine? The answer would be Krakow, Poland. We decided we needed a small get-a-way weekend so Krakow we went. Flying with a toddler can be an interesting experience (read nerve racking) but we found a small slice of heaven (and silence) in the form of an ipod with lots of cartoons downloaded just for Keenan. It was really quite lovely! Eric and I were BOTH able to read a magazine on the flight while Keenan lounged in between us watching his cartoons. We brought the ipod with us to dinner as well since Keenan gets a little bit restless, it was very nice. I am wondering why we didn't think of this before?!

Krakow was the ancient capital of Poland until the 1500's when Warsaw took over. The Old Market Square is really beautiful and picturesque even in the winter. Immediately Keenan took to chasing pigeons. This nice man was letting Keenan have some of his bird seed.
The pigeons were a bit on the friendly side.

The first day we were there it was pretty chilly. We walked around the Old Market and checked out a few churches, Cloth hall, some statues and sought warmth every so often in cafe's and c0ffee houses. This is Cloth Hall, back in the day cloth was sold here now it contains all the souvenirs one could desire from Poland.
Here's Keenan and I all bundled up in front of a statue. I apparently didn't do my research... because Krakow is so old I figured it would not be stroller friendly. I was wrong, one would have come in handy! Keenan is getting heavy to lug around all day on my back.

Basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary built in 1287-1320
This picture does not do the inside of his church any justice. It was amazingly beautiful! Notice how small the people look near the altar and then below is a closeup.
I'm not exactly sure what this guy was doing but, he was just outside of the church.

More pictures and the rest of our trip to follow...

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mom said...

I am glad you are exploring other cities. The church looks beautiful. I love old churches. Love, Louise