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April 28, 2009

Little flyer

Sooo, I'm a little slow posting. We made the big flight from Kyiv to Denver a few weeks ago, then we headed to San Diego then back to Denver and now finally up to Billings before flying back to Kyiv next week. Does this sound exhausting? Like a lot of packing and repacking? It has been , and with a few trips to the UPS store to ship stuff back to Kyiv.

On our flights from Kyiv to New York and then to Denver we were extremely lucky and received a free upgrade to business class. Can I say "WOW" what a huge difference Business class made for a 9 1/2 hour trans-Atlantic flight?! Upon boarding we were offered mimosas and yes I took advantage, we had tons of room to move around and our seats reclined fully. I even think they might have cleaned the bathroom once so by the end of the flight the floor wasn't covered in some type of liquid that I don't want to know what is. Since we found nirvana in the form of cartoons loaded in an ipod for Keenan, the flight was really quite good. We also had new "auto's" for Keenan to play with and did I mention all of the room for him to play in?? This is how Keenan travels. What more do you need... a pillow for comfort, a blankie, a binky, an auto, and cartoons??

Even with all the comforts it was a bit hard for Keenan to sleep, only 1 hour out of the whole flight, so we didn't get much rest either. He did good otherwise, so good that when we landed in New York someone asked me if I drugged him. That would be NO! When we arrived in New York it was around 11 pm Kyiv time, Keenan should have been exhausted but he managed to do the opposite and was extremely hyper. He was running laps in the Business class lounge for what felt like the hours. When it was time to board the next flight to Denver he crashed and slept the whole way, as did Eric and I.
First on our agenda the next morning? Starbuck's and bagels! Yeah, what a relief to order in English!

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Laura Olson said...

Wow - this kid travels in way more style than I ever do. He looks so comfy!