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April 18, 2009

playgrounds, play areas and more playgrounds!

The life of a stay at home mom in a foreign country... My life revolves around playgroups, play dates and frequenting the many parks around Kyiv. When we stay home Keenan usually wants to just watch cartoons, go next door because the neighbors have a 6 year son that also loves cars or he'll find go to the door and say "go play" while looking at me nodding his head. So with the weather as lovely as it has been, "go play" has been what we've been doing. Here's some pictures of Keenan at various playgrounds.

Playing with the Cyrillic alphabet

Last week my friend Mariska and I decided to go to "Ultramarine", a bowling alley/movie theater/bar/sushi bar, that also has two nice play areas for kids. The one play area the kids can climb way up, getting them to come down is another story however. Thankfully Keenan was only into climbing just high enough to get to the slide.
He thought this video game was pretty neat, even without putting money into it!

A few days ago Keenan really gave me quite a scare! He was in the middle of throwing a tantrum outside our apartment in the hallway while I was trying to talk to my neighbor so I picked him to take him inside when he went completely limp in my hands. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and it didn't seem like he was breathing. Now I'm panicking! What the heck just happened!? Thankfully, he came to a few seconds later and was taking big breaths of air. Either I scared him because I was panicking or the whole passing out scared him because then he just hung onto me and whimpered a little bit. I'm not completely sure if he had been holding his breath because he was mad and passed out or just crying so hard he couldn't breathe. Either way I hope he never does that one again! The nurse in me kicked in making me wonder "was it a seizure, was it cardiac related?" I didn't notice any seizure like activity or posturing so I'm pretty sure that wasn't it. Keenan had a cardiac echo was he really little because he had a slight heart murmur (which turned out to innocent) but his cardiac rhythm and heart both looked fine so I'm pretty sure that wasn't it either. So, that means he made himself pass out!

Apparently my mother used to do this all the time when she was a toddler, until that is my Grandma Betty poured cold water on her face and she was cured!

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mom said...

Hope he is okay. What a little devil to scare you like that. Love, Louise