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April 8, 2009

Yeah! Spring is here!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here lately! The sun is out, the tulips are popping out, things are starting to turn green, and all the street cats seem to be waddling around with big fat bellies... Not surprising but a lot of the the kids in the park are still dressed for a blizzard and I get quite a few raised eyebrows at Keenan unpreparedness (no hat, no snowsuit, small sweatshirt hoodie for a jacket) should that blizzard strike us unsuspectingly while we are at the park.

We have been enjoying the much needing sunshine and spending most of Keenan's waking hours at the park which makes for one grimy sand covered kid. Keenan favorite at the park seems to be the slides, followed by making sand angels. Of course, everywhere we go we have to bring at least one little auto.
On Sunday while at the park we ran into one of my friends from play group and her son. Funny story: My friend was married the day before Eric and I and their son was also born 9 months after the "I do's" were said which makes him born one day before Keenan. Here's the two honeymoon babies playing together... well kind of fighting over the ball.
Yesterday at the park Keenan must of felt like it was snack time. He spotting a man opening up a fresh bag of potato chips, ran over, stuck his hand in the bag and helped himself. Kind of embarrassing! At least the guy thought it was funny. I guess I'll should start having those talks about not taking candy (food) from strangers...

The other day there was that deafening silence in the house that meant Keenan was busy doing something... At least it was a washable bathtub crayon!

Bareback riding...


mom said...

Keenan looks like he is having fun coloring on your walls. How clever of him to color on the tile. Love, Louise

Christy said...

That's funny about the other couple and their baby. How random!
I can't wait to see Keenan and Cade is excited to play with him too!