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May 14, 2009

Sea World

We managed to pick a good day when we went to Sea World. The weather was nice and the park wasn't too crowded. Grammy and Aunt Lisa came with us. Keenan had a good time and loved seeing all the animals. Hands down, I'm pretty sure Keenan's favorite part was the bat rays. Eric held fish under the water to feed them so Keenan could touch their velvety soft bodies. Lots of giggling and squealing by Keenan, he loves animals, especially if he can touch them! By the time we were done Keenan managed to get pretty wet and was not happy about having to leave them behind to see the rest of the park.

I brought Keenan over to look at the bat rays one last time before moving on, as he was looking around he spotting a girl across the pool spilling out of her shirt as she was bending over. To this his pointed and exclaimed "boobies!" Thankfully, no one heard and we made a hasty exit.

Keenan holding a star fish.

Chasing and feeding a friendly duck.

Looking for the Orca's swimming around.

We found a much better viewing spot from above. It looked like they were trying to scratch their backs.

Waiting for the Dolphin show to start.

Polar Bear Exhibit

Sea World also has a big play area for the kids. Here's Keenan getting chased by his Aunt Lisa

I think this was called the "guppy pool". It was pretty funny watching the little kids "play" together. Keenan was mostly interested in knocking down the stacks of blocks the other kids were making. Then him and another little boy started trying to steal all the green and yellow blocks from everyone else. This was partly my fault as I was trying to divert his attention from knocking down stacks, I told him to go find some yellow and green blocks. It was war after that. These little kids were tackling each other and the stacks of blocks to get only to what seemed as the yellow or green blocks.

I think that pretty much completes our day at Sea World. Time for a nap!I'll fix the sideways pictures later :) and hopefully add a few more.

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