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July 18, 2009

It's official!

I am now officially working part time at the health unit in the Embassy. I am very excited for this opportunity as it's been 2 years now since I had to quit my job at the Burn Unit so we could move and allow Eric to begin his new career. While I have enjoyed having the opportunity to stay at home with Keenan I do feel like my brain and my knowledge of nursing is dwindling. This job is only for 6 months but by then it will be almost time for us to move again. We hired a nanny for Keenan and now he gets to spend more of his day at the park with his friends and will maybe even learn a little bit of Russian in the process.

I am learning a lot about Ukrainian health care as part of my job is to to accompany our patients to some of the local clinics for further evaluations or testing like x-rays, sonograms, stuff like that. Doctors and nurses get paid next to nothing, state funding is next to nothing and many things they just can't treat. The Ukrainian health care systems has a long ways to go; the state health care facilities are supposed to be free for the citizens but if they really want treatment (so I've been told) they are expected to bribe their Doctors and nurses and in some cases provide all the supplies and medicines to be used, which includes your hospitals bed sheets and food. Emergency Departments are rare and so are ambulances equipped with any thing of use in an emergency other than a place to lie. Private clinics are starting to pop up and the two I've been to are actually quite nice. Services are expected to be paid for immediately and some places do not take insurances of any kind so only the wealthy can afford to go, but for Americans the prices seem quite cheap. For example 2 MRI's cost less than $400 USD. I'm not exactly sure the price of an MRI in the states but I'm pretty sure when I was in college I paid around $4000 for one when I was having a lot of back troubles.

At any rate this job should be interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

Also official: Keenan "gave" up his binky( read forced) at the end of June and is doing quite well without it. It took a good week of battles at bedtime. At first he cried and yelled for his binky then switched to yelling "mama daddy mamma daddy", then on to yelling for "Cookie Monster". The Cookie Monster one surprised us as he has never much cared about his stuffed toys then one night started yelling for his Cookie Monster and Big Bird. He used to go to bed so easily at around 7:30 or 8 but now it's closer to 9 and we can still usually hear him talking until around 10. GRRR, how frustrating!

Also we are quite proud of Keenan as he has been wearing big boy underwear full time for almost a month now. It is still definitely a work in progress as he usually doesn't tell us he needs to poo poo until it's starting to happen, then he'll look at us and say "yucky" while crouching down to do his business. But, he's getting better and better and we don't have too many accidents. I still watch the time like a hawk and if he hasn't mentioned going for a while then I'll sit him on the pot. At first I brought a small travel potty with us to the park and everywhere else we went but he wanted to be like daddy and stand up, so why fight it? All the Ukrainian kids pee at the park in the bushes or grass sooo, now Keenan does too.

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