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October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Friday was the embassy Halloween party for all the kids. Since quite a few families thought getting their flu shots right before the party would be a good idea I had my nanny drop Keenan off so I could get him ready in between giving shots. Keenan even watched me give one of his friends a shot and was pretty concerned why I was hurting him.

It didn't take Keenan too long to figure out the saying of "trick or treat" and opening up his candy bag.

Arrr! Keenan was a pirate. By the time I brought out the camera he was too interested in the candy to get a good picture. He looked pretty darn cute though running around with his sword saying "Arrrrr". He even found a few other kids who had swords to "fight" with.

It was hard to keep Keenan moving down the hallway because he just wanted to stop and eat his loot! The trick or treat route went through the offices in one section of the Embassy and ended up in a big conference room with games and a fun little car on a slide. The car slide was a big hit with the little kids and was the cause of a few tantrums while the kids were trying to wait their turn.
Finally, get to stop and feast on a some candy!
Last year Eric had to work late so it was fun that he got to partake in the festivities this year.
How boring are we, Eric and I didn't even dress up.


mom said...

He is so cute. Sounds like the kids has a blast. We used to do the same thing at City of Hope for the peds patients. It was alot of fun to see their faces.

Laura Olson said...

How cute is he?? It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I can't wait 'til Piper is old enough to trick or treat. :)