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November 22, 2009

Dinner party

Eric and I always talk about having people over for dinner... but then we put it off and then it NEVER happens. We only have one and a half weeks until we pack out and we had at least 10 big fat pork chops in the freezer... it was time to have people over ASAP and help us whittle our pork chops away. I've been trying my hardest to make things for dinner strictly by what's in the freezer...ground beef, roast beef, cheddar cheese and pork chops but ever since I got pregnant those darn pork chops have been grossing me out. Hence the reason so many pork chops remained.

So we finally organized a dinner party featuring pork chops. I decided to make dinner rolls earlier in the day (help use up my flour) but when it was time to put the fully risen roll formed dough into the oven I noticed my oven was not very hot. I cranked up the heat but when I returned a few minutes later the oven was actually at a lower temperature! ACK! You guessed it, my oven decided to die with rolls needing to go into the oven, pie crust to bake and plan of broiling the pork chops later (our grill is tiny tiny on our mini balcony). I called both of the other Americans that live in my building but they were both unconviently missing! After what seemed like forever one of them finally returned home and let me borrow her oven.

The dinner party turned out to be a success followed by some "Rock band" and two rambuctious boys tearing around the house leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they went.

I'm not so sure I'm meant to have dinner parties though... the last time we invited people over, yikes... probably a year ago, the water in our building was shut off for the entire day.

Very conviently its also Thanksgiving week and my neighbor and I were planning on hosting together. Meaning we are sharing the cooking and baking... and my oven doesn't work... AWESOME! Oh and on Sunday we're planning a good-bye brunch here at our apartment for a few friends. Timing... grrrr!

I'm hoping my oven can get fixed ASAP but I'm not holding my breath, repairs seem to take an extraordinary long time to happen.

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mom said...

Sounds like you had a fun evening anyway. Gota laugh. Love, Louise