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November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Marines!

This last Saturday night was the annual Marine ball to celebrate their 234th birthday. The ball was held at the Intercontinental hotel, which was beautiful and had excellent service.

I bought my dress a few years ago super cheap on the sale rack, I've never worn it because it was a little big and last year I borrowed a dress. This year being nearly 16 weeks pregnant the dress fit pretty good!

It's always fun to see everyone all dressed up and outside of the work environment. Overall it was a fun night.

Maybe you noticed Eric has on two different shirts... after we took the first pictures we realized that he was wearing the exact shirt and tie that he wore last year so he changed.

We didn't take too many pictures at the ball... blogging is tough work!


mom said...

Doesn't matter whick shirt, he still looks good. So do you. Hope you had fun. Love, Louise

Mom said...

I like your dress and the way the bottom of it is cut.