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January 17, 2010


Merry Christmas!

I volunteered to do Christmas breakfast so that morning I got up a little early to shove everything in the ovens. I had made cinnamon rolls and an egg bake the night before, they just needed baking.

Keenan was pretty excited about opening up presents this year but like most little kids he just wanted to play with what he opened up. Once he found a McQueen car that you shake then it takes off he promptly found some open floor space and went to playing. He looked so cute playing with his new toy that I didn't have the heart to make him stop, we figured when he was ready for more toys he could open up another present or two.

Keenan content playing with his new car.

I felt sort of like a mean parent because some of the toys that he received were too big to carry with us on planes and needed to get boxed up and sent to us in Slovenia. So it was like, hey Merry Christmas Keenan, here's a new toy that you can play with in like a month or so! I don't think Keenan was hurting for toys though. Plus we also promised him a wooden train set as soon as we arrived in Montana.

Keenan looking at the toys that had he couldn't play with yet.

Opening up presents with cousin Hayley.

Mia wondering if she'll get any presents.
Keenan showing off his new McQueen umbrella and backpack. (I'll turn the pictures later)
All the Lundgren cousins on Christmas morning. This was the first time in a long time that all of Eric's siblings plus kids have been together for Christmas.

Eric with his siblings and Mom.

of course NEEDED to drive the Hummer, we made him put on his Mickey Mouse Christmas hat.
All the girls got roller blades so after they were done Keenan was pretty sure that it was HIS turn to give it a try. Here Dad and Uncle Mark are helping out.

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