Our Travels

January 28, 2010


We were lucky enough to get dumped on while in Montana. Keenan was pretty excited to see all the snow and just wanted to be in it!
My mom made a quick trip into to town to get a few saucer sleds and invited Christy, Cade and Avery down. Keenan thought the sledding was pretty fun but wanted Mom or Dad to go down the hill with him.
Sledding was quite the work-out with Keenan as it was just easier and much much faster to carry him up.
It took a bit of prodding but Keenan finally started going down by himself.
I guess I wasn't being a very good picture taker because Christy, Cade, Avery and Gramma Debbie all partook in the activities.

A few days later Grampa took Keenan and Carter out for some sledding. Kudos to Grampa because I think he lasted the longest sledding!
Eric being a southern California boy isn't quite used to seeing temperatures dropping so low and took a picture of this. Yes, that says it's negative 24.2 degrees F.

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