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February 17, 2010


Like a lot of places Ljubljana is experiencing a lot more snow than normal. I'm personally ready for spring but Keenan on the other hand LOVES the snow. Play in it, fling him self into it, eat it...

This picture is from a few weeks ago it was taken right outside of our house.
These were from yesterday in our backyard. Now that Sierra is here I had to talk to Keenan about "yellow snow". Soon as Eric got home from work Keenan reported to him that he'd been eating pee today.

I'm LOVING having a backyard again. Keenan is currently outside while I'm blogging. It's very nice having the large ceiling to floor windows so I can watch him.


Laura Olson said...

Yellow snow - one of the many lessons of childhood. :) And, hooray for backyards!

lilia said...

I can't believe how much he's grown up compared to the last time I saw him!
I miss him so much! Say "hi" from me ;)