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March 16, 2010

34 week belly

34 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling it! My belly feels heavy and ITCHY! I feel best in the morning so if I need to get anything done I try to then, by the afternoon everything aches and I'm sooo darn tired. Afternoons are great movie times for Keenan and I :) I continue to have a lot of braxton hick contractions and usually wake up several times a night either with a contraction, needing to pee or just plain uncomfortable. Then about the time that I get comfy the baby decides it's time to wake up and play "how hard can I kick mom".

I'm trying to pack but it's a bit difficult to pack for nearly 12 weeks when hopefully I won't be wearing maternity clothes the entire time since baby should be arriving about 4-5 weeks after we get there. So, in addition to packing post pregnancy clothes I need to pack newborn clothes, blankets, diaper bag, breast pump, the big stroller that turns into a double...ect ect With the 50 pound limit per bag its going to be a little hard to fit everything I want!

Maybe I've been complaining a little bit because the other day after Keenan got done eating he pulled up his shirt, pushed out his belly, rubbed it then declared that he's belly was getting so HUGE!

Last week I took Keenan to a pool here that has a couple of really great little kid areas complete with a little slide and things that squirt water out. I personally felt a tad bit disgusting shoved into a maternity tankini that was a bit too small. I felt a little better after realizing that I am in Europe and saw that there were plenty of people shoved into bikini's and swimsuits that were a tad too small for their body size. Keenan was having a great time in the kiddie pool when a family came in loaded with water toys, he looked at me and asked "Mom, where are MY toys?" Uhm, maybe next time...

Eric and I took him back to the pool last night with a arm floaties, a ball and a little inner tube for him to float in. He thought it was pretty cool that he could "swim" with his arm floaties on. Hopefully during the rest if this pregnancy I will NOT be shoving myself back into that swimsuit!

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