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March 9, 2010

almost time to pack...again

I can't believe it's already time to get packed up (again) and head back to the airport. Next week Keenan and I start my maternity leave... I guess you'd call it that since I'm leaving here. I'm really not looking forward to the long flight and all the sitting but at least we managed to get business class, that make me very happy!

This pregnancy has seemed much harder, maybe because I'm already chasing after a kid and not working out like I used too... plus naps are hard to fit it since Keenan doesn't nap. Usually by late afternoon by belly just feels huge and heavy and my back is screaming for me to lay down. I also have a lot more braxton-hick contractions, which leaves me to wonder if this little guy is going to make an early appearance. Since with Keenan we found out that I don't exactly have "child bearing hips" this was will be a scheduled C-section which hopefully is when he'll be born because Eric only shows up a few days before that!

This little guy also seems to kick so much harder, maybe I just don't remember though. Whenever I say "ouch" Keenan reminds me to tell baby brother to be nice and that kicking is not good manners!

While I'm not looking forward to packing and being away from Eric for so long I am looking forward to spending some time with my family.


Laura Olson said...

Good luck on the flight! I'm so glad you got business class. Just think - soon the little guy will be out, and you'll be sleep deprived instead of getting kicked all day. :)

mom said...

Let your mom and dad help with Keenan so you can get some rest. Hope the flight is not too much. Soon a new little bundle of joy. Love, Louise

Dorrie said...

Yuck to traveling while pregnant - and with a toddler! I hope all goes well and that you can rest soon. Best of luck.