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June 10, 2010

travelin' with two kids

Thankfully my mom decided many months ago that she would travel back to Slovenia with me and the two boys so that I'd have help. After a few weeks of stressing about getting all the tickets, paperwork and passports in order we all flew to Ljubljana at the end of May.

While waiting for the plane in Billings, we discovered that the plane was running late because of some a-hole in Denver wouldn't put his seatbelt on so the plane turned around from the runway to deboard him. REALLY?? You can't put your seatbelt on so you mess up everyone elses traveling?

We already had a tight layover in Minneapolis of about 45 minutes and we left Billings about 40 minutes late. As soon as we landed I sent my mom ahead to the gate while I waited for my stroller to be brought up then I ran. I caught up and passed my mom about half way to our gate which of course was far far away, so huffing and puffing I finally made it to our gate just as they were about ready to close up. I am so out of shape! My lungs were burning so bad! I told them my mom was still coming, they told me she better hurry. My mom makes it and we rush down to board.

Mom has all our carry on I hand Van to a flight attendant so I can break the stroller down, everyone is trying to rush me and my lungs are still burning. Finally the stroller is broke down and I shoo Keenan inside the plane. Keenan and my mom are in front of me, all the sudden I realize I'm missing something... "Where the baby?!" I frantically asked... yeah, the flight attendant is still holding him and they are standing behind me... everyone near the door of the plane bust out laughing. Ha ha... I'm still trying to catch my breath, I'm stressed and tired but, at least we made the overseas flight.

We get all settled into our seats and then we wait... and wait... the plane had some sort of something that needed fixing.

The boys were both awesome on the flight, Van mostly slept while Keenan watched his movies on the ipod and my mom and me took turns marching him up and down the aisles. Keenan shocked me by actually sleeping for about 3 hours on the flight... something he rarely does so I took advantage and tried to sleep too.

Here's how I travel with two kids. The stroller converts into a double. It's awesome... although not so awesome go through security with. Going through security with two kids... not so fun, everything has to be put through the x-ray including their shoes, blankets, stroller and carseats. So, if your in a hurry and see me in the security line either help me out or pick another line because I am S-L-O-W, slow!
We finally made it to Ljubljana at noon Slovenian time 4am Mountain time. Well we made it but our luggage didn't, in fact our luggage took an additional 3 days to arrive and when it did some of it was wet all the way through.

I am happy to have my family all together again and to be back in Ljubljana. Everything is so green and pretty here.

Jet lag with 2 kids?? Not fun? Van was all backwards with his time and was up most of the nights. Just as he would fall asleep then I would be wide awake... then of course as soon as I wanted to go to sleep Van was either hungry or just awake. Keenan actually transitioned very well this time. It was a lot of help having my mom here to help out. She also planted lots of flowers in my backyard so it looks all pretty now.

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Laura Olson said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound, and many kudos to your mom for going with you to help out. I'm scared of going through the airport with one kid - you are a saint to be doing it with two!