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July 12, 2010

neighborhood girls

I think I've mentioned before how much I love my neighborhood, I'll say it again. I love my neighborhood! Keenan has always liked older girls and now he has found our neighbor Zoja (proncounced Zoy-ya) to fit the bill. She's cute and older. He likes to follow her around, occasionally he'll try to hold her hand. She tolerates him. It's actually pretty cute to watch them, or maybe I should say listen. You mostly hear them yelling each others names followed by some other command only she's speaking in Slovenian and he in English. They also have matching plasma cars (like a little scooter) that they cruise the neighborhood in.
here she brought out some paints. Keenan thought he'd show off by painting himself

Keenan and Zoja brought out his little guitars the other night which the other Zoya also liked so Eric brought out his real guitar. The little kids all really liked that and had fun.


Mom said...

Those are great pictures! I have to laugh at Keenan always looking at the pretty older girls.

mom said...

Wow older girls. Look out world. Love Louise