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July 12, 2010

swimming at Atlantis

We took the boys swimming at Atlantis, an awesome indoor/outdoor swimming area that has slides, kiddie pools, saunas...ect ect. I took Keenan there this winter while I was still pregnant a few times. I like this pool because one of the kiddie pools is separated off, the water is kept a bit warmer and its not very deep at all.

Keenan doesn't like getting his eyes wet so we bought him some goggles.

maybe they were a bit tight
Eric trying to teach Keenan how to hold his breath and go under water

Van spent his time at the pool napping a little, swimming a bit and chillin'

Keenan loves and water and Van seemed to enjoy himself too. Afterwards Keenan talked us into getting some icecream.

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mom said...

Looks like fun. Do you think his goggles were to tight? Funny.
Love, Louise