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August 13, 2010

Art work

I think Keenan's art work is getting quite good! I think most people can tell that his people are actually well, people! The picture above is Eric, as Keenan was drawing it he said "Daddy, with a big head and some crazy hair".

This picture below is Eric laying on the couch (he was home sick from work the other day) Those are his arms that come off from each side and the scribbles in the middle is the blanket that was covering daddy.

Now, these next ones are fairly funny. Take a peak.

Now, one might think that these pictures are anatomically correct since they are pictures of Keenan and Daddy but, that isn't the case. Upon laughing and asking Keenan was the scribbles between the legs were he explained that they were bugs. Eric had just got done explaining to Keenan that he couldn't drink out of his soda because he was sick and didn't want him to get his bugs. So those are pictures of "bugs" that can make you sick. The pictures make me grin everytime I see them! Oh and on the last picture, which is a self portrait, Keenan told us that the little figure on his arm is his friend.

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