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August 13, 2010

Camping in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

A few weeks ago we were supposed to go camping with one of our neighbors at a super campground on the Italy coastline. I say "super" campground because it has swimming pools, restaurants, a hotel or camp grounds... but upon arriving we discovered that there were no open spots available for camping. The only available space at this campground was in one of the villa's in the hotel which was pretty pricey. We figured if we drove back in the direction of home we'd eventually find another campground and a few miles away in Lignano we did. It turned out to be a really nice place. In addition to the pools, small grocery store, restaurant there were bathrooms, showers, places to wash your dishes and clothes as well as a kids club! People come to these campgrounds and stay for weeks, most people had elaborate campsites with motor homes or someother caravan with large tarps, electricity... We only had a tent and we only stayed for 2 nights.

So, bagged ice is NOT something one can find here so we had frozen water in pop bottles and had a few freezer bags to keep our cooler cold. I had most of it packed but then before we left Eric added a few more things and repacked it. I didn't think to check it, why would I? So imagine my surprise when the next morning I was digging in the cooler for something and found my bags of frozen breast milk. I was a little perplexed and asked Eric why in the world he'd pack this. His reply was "oops, I thought it was a freezer bag" I was a bit pissy about the whole thing but thought, at least it wasn't ALL of my milk... WRONG! Eric managed to pack my stockpile (about 5 bags). My mom said this story will be funny one day and we'll both laugh about it. It's still not "one day" and I still haven't replenished my stockpile... look at my baby, he eats pretty much everything making it difficult to pump. Big sigh...

Van chillin' in a camp chair
Keenan reluctantly showing the camera a marshmellow

At the swimming pool
I've decided I really like swimming as a family. Keenan goes with Eric and plays while I have Van. Since Van eats and sleeps a lot we're on the sidelines meaning I can take advantage and read my books!

Keenan going down the slide

grilled cheese... yummy!
and kebabs or shashlik or whatever you want to call meat on a stick

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Emily said...

what was the name of this camspite in Lignano?