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November 26, 2010

Keenan's acting, really strange...

Eric got off work the other day so we both went to pick him up with Van and the dogs (dogs??, yeah I'll get to that later).  When we got there his teacher said that he was acting really strange... he was quiet...and played quietly...he's usually anything but those things.  Ha Ha!  Sooo.... does that mean the teacher had a good day then?

I don't think I have to worry about Keenan being shy or an introvert, that's just not him.

There's a little girl at his school that is always trying to hug and kiss him, Keenan wants nothing to do with her.  He still likes the older girls, last night as we were leaving Thanksgiving dinner Keenan gave a couple of girls hugs and kisses... and even tried to kiss a 5 year old on the lips.

We bought a high tech camera... I have yet to learn how to use it but here's a few pictures of us playing around with it while trying to use Keenan as a subject.

Keenan pointing at something

Love that Keenan is winking in this picture while Van has food dripping from his chin.

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