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November 14, 2010

Parents get Halloween too!

Eric and I got to get into the Halloween spirit too!  We were invited to an adult party and had to scramble to get costumes ordered and luckily they came in on time.  We went as the Saturday Night Live cheerleaders.

A few hours before we left for the party Van spiked a fever so I gave him a little bit of medicine and gave the babysitter strict instructions to keep taking his temperature and to call us immediately if it got any higher.  I felt bad, Van just wanted to cuddle.  Luckily though, he didn't care who he cuddled with.  We were able to stay at the party for a little while before we got the call to come on home.

 Who's ready for the perfect cheer?
 The Fredan's threw a great party, complete with roasted Columbian Ants...WHAT?  Yes Piedad had roasted Ants for uhm... appetizers??  When she offered me some I said "sure, why not"  At first glance I thought they were covered in chocolate as the bowl looked like it contained large round brown balls... wrong!  The ants were just frickin' huge!  The picture above is me and Marush contemplating whether we should really  put the ants in our mouths.  Burnt, stale popcorn was the consensus of the flavor of the ants.

"Who's that Spartan in my Teepee? It's me, It's me!"

 Check out the shadow behind my head.

Can't be a beekeeper without a little honey liqueur
Imhotep as well... Imhotep

 Matt and Michelle as a 50's couple.

The next morning I asked Keenan if he had fun with Spela (the babysitter) he immediately got on his frowny face and said "NO! Spela wouldn't play with me"  Poor Keenan he usually loves Spela and was mad at her since she had to hold a sick Van all night instead of playing with him.  :(  

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