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December 23, 2010

Klagenfurt Christmas Market

On Sunday we decided to drive up to Klagenfurt, Austria to see their Christmas market.  It was a pretty cold day, so once again we got ourselves all bundled up.  The Christmas market here was quite a bit bigger than Ljubljana's with a lot more Christmas stuff to buy.

 There were so many pretty ornaments and Christmas decorations.  I love nativity scenes, unfortunately we don't have very much room in our house now for decorations... at least not out of reach from curious little hands.
 We bought one of the nutcrackers from here.
 Not sure the story behind this statue but we thought it was kind of neat anyhow.
 Austria is very dog friendly so we  brought one with us.
 Had to ride on the Christmas express...
 Me and Van trying to stay warm, well I'm pretty sure Van is extra toasty all bundled up... he might even be hot under all that in the stroller, so I guess it's just me trying to stay warm.
 Keenan was walking along at a nice pace until he spotted the candy counter, he made an abrupt stop and continued to point out what he wanted to try.  Apparently were suckers, we bought him something that I'm pretty sure was pure sugar.
Then he managed to talk us into buying this as well, it looks like an icecream cone, it was frosting and whip cream on a cone... basically more pure sugar.  Gosh, we're great parents, don't let our dentist see this.

It was cold, we bought a few Christmas ornaments and decorations, we drank a lot of gluhwein (warm spiced wine), ate a hearty meal of potatoes and sausage then went on our merry way.

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