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December 22, 2010

Ljubljana Christmas Market

I'm not sure if Christmas Markets are a European thing or just popular in this region (Germany, Austria...) but anyhow we bundled up to walk around the Christmas market here in Ljubljana a week ago or so.  It was pretty darn cold that day but luckily for us everywhere you look you can buy little glasses of warm mulled wine and hot chocolate pudding that they call sell as coco.
Keenan insisted on his hat being like this, he thought it was pretty funny well until he thought he lost us that is.  We followed a short distance behind him as he "looked" for us.

Now, this is a scene that I would expect to see oh, say in Montana but in Europe??
Yummy marzipan, looks almost too pretty to eat!

We ended up buying a few Christmas ornaments but not much, the Christmas market was pretty small and did I mention that it was pretty darn cold??  

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