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December 17, 2010

Marine Ball 2010

So the Marine Ball was about a month ago... the great thing about the Marine ball is that it falls right around my birthday.  Meaning:  I can pretend that Eric is taking me out somewhere fancy for my birthday when in reality we are celebrating the Marine's birthday!  Not sure why, but we didn't get very many pictures... almost none.  I had to "borrow" most of these from Michelle.  Thanks Michelle!

For the first time I reused a bridesmaid dress!  Yes, I wore this black dress in my sister Christy's wedding 5 years ago.

Eric and Bryan with a few of our Marine guards

With the girls... most of our running group.

Me and Michelle... these are her pictures that I "borrowed"

 So I actually didn't know who this statue was of, I had to look it up.  It's Boris Kidric a communist I back around WWII, that's all I know.  We were walking back to our car and I saw a great picture opp!

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mom said...

You look really good in that dress. Looks like you had a ball. Love, Louise