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December 23, 2010

Snowboarding at Krvavec

 What feels like many many years ago I bought a new snowboard at the end of the ski season, I maybe used it once or twice.  Then the next snow season I bought my pass and 2 days later found out about Keenan, luckily they refunded me.  We then moved to Virginia, then Ukraine, then here but once again I was pregnant.  Finally last weekend I was able to dust off my hardly used snowboard and give it a go.  As I was going through my snowboard pants I found my old mountain pass, it still said Hammond... I haven't snowboarded since my last name was still Hammond.  Needless to say I was a bit rusty but overall I didn't do to bad.  As luck would have it it snowed 30cm the night before we went so the runs had lots of fluffy powder on them.  I still bit it a few times though...
So funny story... I met up with Eric and our friend Brian at this part on the run, they were on foot since they were crossing a long cat walk.  I suggested Eric take a few pictures of me since I have none of me on my board.  So he gets a few pictures then starts looking frantically around, Brian and I both laughing tell him his goggles are hanging off the back of his helmet.  Eric says "No, where's my board??"  Ha Ha!  His board went down the mountain without him!  What a rookie!  Luckily the mountain isn't very big and he just walked down to get it.

 Awww, don't we look so cute!

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