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January 1, 2011

2010 Christmas letter

Merry Christmas from Ljubljana, Slovenia!

As usual I can’t believe it’s already time for Christmas and the New Year which means we’ve almost been in Ljubljana, Slovenia for one whole year.  My, oh my how things have changed in our short time here. 

We arrived here in mid-January staying long enough to unpack and get acquainted with the city before Keenan and I returned back to Montana in March to await the arrival our newest member of the family.  Thanks to the darn volcano in Iceland, Eric had to reroute his flights a few times before finally taking a train to Rome and managing to hop on a plane as standby.  Van Christopher Lundgren was welcomed into the world on April 20th at 8:13am… Eric made it to Billings about 15 hours later.  We were bummed that Eric missed the event but my mom was more than happy to fill in at my side and watch her 7th grandchild be born.  After five weeks away from his Dad, Keenan did not want to leave his side!  Sadly, Eric could only stay a few weeks.  Almost 6 weeks after Van was born, the boys and I, with my mom in tow, made the long journey back across the ocean to Slovenia.  My mom stayed for a week to help out.  I enjoyed getting to spend more time with my family and watching Keenan play with all of his cousins in Montana but we were glad to be together again as a family in our home.

Keenan turned 3 in July.  He is mischievous and constantly testing our boundaries every day… but hey, he’s three!  We decided to put him into a Slovenian pre-school this fall.  For the most part he loves it, although when we’re trying to get him up in the morning he will tell you a different story.  He loves all the interaction with the other kids and he’s starting to speak Slovene more and more. 

Van is growing so fast, I can hardly believe it.  He takes his food seriously… at 7 months old he weighs around 24 pounds!  Yes, my arms are toning up quite nicely from this although my back is killing me!  Van is mostly a very happy and loud baby. 

Eric has been helping to coach an adult Slovenian (American) football team as well as playing soccer and softball.  Me?  I’m a mom, I spend my days wiping noses and patting boo boo’s.  J  I also just started training with a few other ladies here to run a half marathon in April up in Vienna, Austria.  I’m a bit nervous as I’m not but of a runner but so far, we’re having a lot of fun and Van seems to be enjoying the faster pace of the stroller. 

As a family we’re really enjoying being here in Slovenia.  The country is beautiful with plenty of outdoor activities to keep us busy no matter the weather…well other than the constant rain issue.   And almost everyone speaks English!  Our neighborhood is friendly with plenty of kids and space to play.  We’ve been enjoying our neighbors and feeding their kids “American” snacks likes s’mores, Rice Krispy treats, Oreos… yes we’re pretty popular J  

If you want to see more pictures or keep up with us you can do so at http://lifewiththelundgrens.blogspot.com/

Eric, Jessica, Keenan and Van Lundgren

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