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January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning!

Keenan was pretty excited about Christmas this year.  He understood that Santa comes and brings him presents to help celebrate Jesus's birthday... we did have to explain that we make Christmas cookies instead of cupcakes as well.  I'm pretty sure Keenan told everybody who'd listen that Santa was bringing him a race car track... it's a good thing that that's what Santa did bring otherwise I'm sure we would of had one disappointed little boy.   We left Santa cookies of course and left carrots for the reindeer to munch on.

We put bells on Keenan's door so that Santa wouldn't get caught putting gifts out... or so we would know when to get the camera's ready.  Keenan's face was priceless when he came down the stairs and saw his humongous race car set that Daddy err Santa picked out for him.  I think it worked out well that all of Keenan's presents from his grandparents and cousins were stuck in mail due to all the snow because he only wanted to play with his new race car set.

A few days after Christmas most of the other presents came in... it was massive chaos.  Keenan was busy ripping through his stack of boxes and unwrapped a granola bar box... "Mmmmm, I got cookies!"  I suggested that he open the box because I thought it was just the granola bar box used to house a different gift, to which Keenan replied "No, I want the cookies."  He didn't bother opening the box and continued ripping open more presents.
 Waiting for Keenan to wake up.

 Sheer bliss!

Keenan received a second race car track from Gramma and Grampa Hammond, which he was just as excited about.  He was even more excited that he got to put that one up in his room.  First thing the next morning we heard his race cars going around and around.  I'm pretty sure Grampa needs to come visit again, Eric and I are getting worn out playing race cars all the time!

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