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January 22, 2011

Hard core sledding

Austria does sledding right! Step 1. rent a sled  2. ride up gondola  3.  sled down 3.8 kilometer run!! 4. Repeat!

It was very nice not having to walk up any steep hills with a sled and kid in tow.

As we were skidding all over the place on the run I happened to peer over to one side and was a bit shocked that it was a pretty steep dropoff onto the mountain side... pretty sure this run would NEVER fly in the States thanks to to many sue happy people.  The run was pretty steep in some areas, had hairpin turns and even crossed a road.

When we first told Keenan we were going sledding his eyes got big and he told us not to go too fast well not even a hundred meters into the run he was laughing and yelling for me to go faster, faster!  Then whom ever between Eric and I, crossed the finish line first was who he wanted to go down with next.  The snow was soft which was helpful when trying to slow down and turn but quite a bit of it seems to fly up onto us.  It was actually helpful to have Keenan on the sled, otherwise lots of snow ended up between your legs!
 On our way to the starting line

At the starting line
This church was at the finish line

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