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January 21, 2011

Keenan on ski's... so cute!

We signed Keenan up for an introductory ski lesson, to see if he'd like doing that all day for 3 days or not.  Turns out, he loved skiing but only for 2 hours... then he was ready to play or be with us.

 Keenan looks so little next to the other kids... but he still looks so cute!  I was so proud of him, there were several kids crying/screaming about not wanting to be on their skis but not Keenan he was super excited.  He was all smiles and giggles when it was his turn to ski down the small hill.

 After his ski lesson I asked him if he had fun...  I'll see if I can capture the moment in words.  Keenan says "Ya, it was fun... I was like this (he gets all crouched down), then I was whoaaaaa, weeeeeee and I laughed lots! But I don't want to go again!"

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