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February 16, 2011

ego buster and kid updates

I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I've been running and am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight,  I was even priding myself on my body feeling firmer and more toned than it has in a long time.  Keenan totally busted my ego last night.  I'm going to chalk it up to the way I was holding Van and the way I was standing.  Keenan walked up to me, patted me on my belly and said "Ooooh, I feel the baby in there moving!"  WHAT??  Eric and I asked him why he said that, he just shrugged and said that mommy had another baby Van in her tummy.  Thanks Keenan!  For the record, I'm NOT pregnant!

I posted this next story on facebook a while ago but I don't think I put it here on the blog yet.  A few (well, maybe a week or two) mornings ago Keenan woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  He was a pretty grumpy child.  I told him to go down stairs and ask his dad to get him some juice, the next thing I hear is Keenan asking  demanding in a pissy little voice "Where's my DAMN juice?"  Yeah... Eric and I both burst out laughing, couldn't help it.  My dad suggested that I tell him next time that his DAMN juice is right next to his DAMN spanking.  Can you punish your child if you laughed in his face about something?  Doesn't seem quite right..

For a while Keenan was all about Spiderman but now it seriously all about Superman.  The other morning he put on his Superman shirt and informed me that he was NOT Keenan but that he was Superman.  I could call him Superman or Superman Keenan but NOT just Keenan.  I called him the wrong name several times that day and every time he reminded me who he really was.  As soon as he took off his shirt that night he told me that he was Keenan again.  Unfortunately his alter ego keeps coming back, with or without the shirt he is Superman.  Occasionally I am Superman Mom, Eric is Superman Dad and Van is Superman Van.  He has recently taken to "flying" off the couch as so far has only resulted in one split lip.  Does anybody has a Superman cape for this kid?

One more Keenan story: I was reading the Berenstain B Book to Keenan a few nights ago asked him what B was for.  His reply?  BOOBIES!

Van had his 9 month check-up a few weeks ago.  At 9 months he is 25 pounds, which is off the growth chart, and his height is almost 30 inches which I think is in the 95th percentile for his age.  He has eight teeth and likes to occasionally bite my shoulder just like Keenan did.  He still shows no signs of wanting to crawl, he prefers to scoot around on his butt.  Van LOVES bathtime, he splashes and squeals and laughs at the big mess he is making.  I probably should take the boys to the pool more often but haven't felt brave enough to take them both by myself.

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Nicole said...

ha. i laughed out loud at it's next to your spanking. that's hilarious!