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March 15, 2011


 March 8 is Pust in Slovenia, also known as Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Karneval/Fasching, or Carnevale, among others depending on what part of the world you live in.  The traditional food served for Pust is “krofi” or fried donuts and yes we tried a few.  Pust is basically Halloween for Slovenian kids.  About a month ago the stores started putting up their "pust" displays with all the costumes and what not and I'm pretty sure they were remnants from Halloween... as there were a few pumpkin costumes.  So Keenan and Van got to use their Halloween costumes again.  Thankfully I usually buy costumes too large and theirs still fit, although Keenan wanted to reuse his pirate one from last year (it was a bit small but worked).

The day of Pust Keenan got to wear his costume to school, he dressed himself, unknowingly to me he put his regular clothes on top of his pajamas so that when I picked him that afternoon he was wearing only his pajamas. He also has a major thing about superman lately and has to wear his 2 superman shirts as often as possible.  I'm currently looking for new superman shirts for him (hint hint Gramma's... just in case you see one or two).   All the kids in his class looked so cute dressed up... I'm guessing a couple of the little boys have older sisters and got to reuse their costumes as there was a cute little lady bug and a flower.
Keenan is on the bottom left fighting over a rope or something.
Notice the nice Superman shirt on underneath.
After school we put to a Pust party put on by SILA (Slovenian International Ladies Association
Van immediately ditched his bat hat.

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