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May 27, 2011


Last weekend we drove a few miles out of town to visit Arboretum.  It's a large horticulture park complete with a pretty awesome playground and random dinosaurs all over the park, although I think the dinosaurs were part of a special exhibit.  At any rate the dinosaurs kept Keenan interested to keep walking along to see which dinosaur would be next.

 Almost immediately we found the playground, jumpy castles and other money sucking rides.
I let him pick two things to send money on.  #1, the jumpy slide
 Scariest Goofy and Minnie Mouse ever!

 #2 Bungee trampoline


 Me looking up at Keenan who is in sheer bliss.
 On to the "free" part of the playground

 Dad's legs and Van.  Eric had the camera mostly so he isn't in any pictures...  :(
 Always scrunching up that little nose of his.

 A few flowers we saw and a wooden dino

Bee hives with the traditional artwork on the front.  While Eric was getting this picture I heard a young girl screaming and screaming.  Turns out she got a bee stuck in her hair which left a pretty good stinger on her scalp. 
 I thought those tall flowers looked neat.
 Keenan checking out where the dino poo poo's
 More of the playground

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Keenan hitting everything with his walking stick.

All in all it was a fun outing, although next time we will bring a picnic lunch as there wasn't much inside the park to eat other than pastries and icecream.   Eric told Keenan on the way into the park to not even ask about the balloons until we left.  Keenan of course remembered and on the way out ran over to the balloons to pick his out.  We were left with a 6 Euro bill for a gigantic dinosaur balloon that had to be somewhat shoved into the back of the car.  Keenan spoiled??  Nah!! :)


Ashley said...

the boys are getting sooooo big!!! :( i miss them!!!

노노희동 said...

Where is that place?
Please let me know the location of where