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May 4, 2011

Keenan's girls...

Keenan seems to be quite the ladies man, already at 3 1/2 years old!  At his preschool he has his girlfriend Sara and his backup girlfriend Lara. And heaven forbid I mess up and call one of his girls Tara.  All the girls in his class have similar sounding names Sara, Lara, Tara (all pronounced the same except the first letter) then there's Nana, Mila and Manca.  One day both me and Sara's mom were picking up our kids from school and while we were laughing about their little romance we watched them.  Sara told demanded that Keenan pick some flowers, with a goofy grin on his face Keenan was obedient.  They held hands and giggled and everytime we said "OK, it's time to go" Sara would hug Keenan then plant a big kiss on his cheek.  It was all quite cute.

Another time Keenan told me he gave Sara a flower while they were outside playing.  I asked him what her response was, he told me she threw it in the sandbox but then got mad when another little girl tried to claim it as her own saying it was her special flower from him.

Keenan tells me all the time that he picks flowers for Sara and Lara because they are his girls and in return they hug and kiss his cheeks.

One morning while dropping Keenan off at school another little girl named Manca came running over to us yelling Keenan's name.  Keenan doesn't even look at her but goes straight for Sara.  Poor Manca, she looked so sad and the teacher told me that she'd been waiting  for Keenan to arrive.  Keenan told me he doesn't like Manca, she is NOT one of his girls.  We had a small conversation about being nice to EVERYBODY.  The next day I made Keenan say hi to both Manca and another little girl named Nana, they both blushed, giggled then ran away.  Is being the foreign kid in preschool a bonus?

While we were in Vienna Keenan told me that he missed Sara because he loves her so soo much.  Everytime I say that something is nice or cute Keenan's response is "but Sara is REALLY cute" or "but Sara is REALLY nice."

All I can say is WOW, REALLY??  What's he going to be like as a teenager?

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Laura Olson said...

You are going to be in so much trouble in about 10 years! And, may I add, Keenan is not allowed anywhere near Piper then. She already has a crush on a little blond boy at her preschool...